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Terri C.


"For anyone in search of someone who can help improve their nutritional status and reduce the likelihood of or symptoms of nutrition-related diseases (which I believe are the cause of most diseases) I strongly recommend the services of Barb Bezold. Both my husband Doug and I have symptoms of systemic inflammation, and I have a history of recurrent bladder infections.  Barb’s knowledge base, investigative skills, diagnostic exams, use of state-of-the-art laboratory tests and kindness make her the real deal.  She puts her heart and soul into individualizing a plan to bring one back into balance. Barb’s efforts were not wasted on us.  We know that what Barb had to offer us was useful, and we are forever grateful to her."



"I cannot believe how my health, and more over my life, has changed by working with Barb to heal my body. Not only does she have the knowledge of holistic, herbal and scientific matters, but she has amazing instincts on what is going on with your body. She goes above and beyond to provide outlets and information on your options, and really works with you to get your body at the right place. I had severe adrenal symptoms  but knew it was more than my symptoms. We worked together to get me on an amazing, but difficult cleanse, that when completed, had taken away all my symptoms. Plus it healed problems like extreme acid reflux that I had had my whole life. I felt my body changing right away, and cannot believe how far I've come in the last year. I would not be able to have the change in my life I've had without her!  Thank you Barb Bezold!"

Dr. Jason and Keri 

"Jason and I thank you so very much for the profound impact you had on our life and on our son Joshua's life.  We had been seeing a GI and Allergy specialist for six years, the best the area had to offer.  Joshua had all the tests they recommended for his EE, Eosiniphilic Eosophogitis. He was in a trial program (only 2 in the nation) and was consuming up to 20 packets of Splenda and 4 pulmacort respules a night. This was the best solution they had. Before we began talking to you, the band-aid the doctors were prescribing was no longer working. My husband is a physician and was very open minded to all you shared with us. Joshua, had heavy doses of antibiotics from birth due to his heart surgeries. Thanks to your information on what that did and was doing to his body, it began our journey of healing his gut.  I am so pleased and thankful to let you know that a year later he is no longer on any medication, steroids, and is symptom free as far as the EE is concerned. Our journey continues in keeping on top of his nutrition and overall health. This has also affected our entire family with regard to our own health.  We appreciate all of your time and priceless information. You have blessed us more than you'll ever know!"


Emily, R.N.

"I am very grateful for Barb. She gave me hope, encouragement, and invaluable nutritional guidance during a major health struggle. She not only helped me recover, but has given me the tools and knowledge to gain even greater health than before. Barb has given me a new perspective on the value of investing time into a nourishing diet."

"Also, just want to say thank you so much! We had 3 weeks of non-stop packing, then did a 4 day road trip and then spent another 2 weeks getting sorted out on the other end… I would not have been able to do this a year ago. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well my body has handled all the extra work and stress. Thank you so much for your help!!"



"I am truly grateful to have found your help with everything I've been going through. You really listen and work with me in  patient, kind, and motivating way. I would not be as far along as I am today without you. Thank you for your continued support and helping me to afford your services with so much strain on my wallet. I'm so grateful and appreciative to have someone who really sees that I want to get better and how committed I am to a new lifestyle. What you do for work is truly profound. You help so many of those in need who have almost given up. Please never stop believing that you make a huge impact on people's lives, you have a phenomenal gift." 



"Just wanted to let you know how valuable and worthwhile I found my session with you yesterday. I'm super excited to explore the resources you started and make some improvements. I really appreciate all your patience with my questions and your thorough answers." 



"I have had  Barb help me a couple of times.  In 2008 I came back from Mexico with a stomach virus.  Barb suggested a cleanse which help immensely! Now 4 years later I am back for help with vitamin supplementation, enzymes, gluten free diet & weight loss. Barb is very knowledgeable and a great source for help."



"I have known Barb for 29 yrs. She has studied and educated herself in every aspect of nutrition and healthy living. Her knowledge, positive attitude and willingness to help others better their lives makes her my go to person for all my obscure questions. I am raising two sons in Ohio, one with special needs, and I can easily reach her by phone or email any time I need consulting with all our nutritional needs. I trust her 100%, value her opinions and depend on her guidance."



"Barb Bezold is a passionate and immensely knowledgeable nutrition and lifestyle consultant.  She cares deeply about the well-being of people and wants nothing more than for people to live life fully and healthily.  She problem solves with her clients and finds solutions that are manageable and achievable.  She's dedicated to helping people make choices that equip them for life."



"I am an avid rower and contracted a water born amoeba in the local waters where I was living at the time.  After this was confirmed by the doctor, I was given an anti-parasitic treatment.  After a week of following this protocol, I still could not conduct my work as a piano tuner without much stress and “inconvenience.”   I spoke with Barb about my health issue and she suggested a protocol to eradicate the amoebas and get my health back.  After following her protocol for one week, I saw a difference and so i remained on it for the duration Barb recommended and have been fine ever since."

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