Recommended Brands for Food, Tools, and Other Necessities

Discount Juicers 

I prefer the Omega Juicer Single Gear "Masticating" Extraction auger style.

Celtic Sea Salt 

Most mineral concentrated salt for your health.

Green Pasture 

Fantastic coconut oil.

Organic Pastures

Grass fed raw milk, butter, and cheese.

7 Companies to trust when buying canned products

Buying food in BPA-free cans

Cozy Pure & Under the Canopy

Fantastic organic mattresses and bedding.

Le Creuset 

Ceramic cast iron cookware. Discounted pans and pots can be found at the Carlsbad Outlets as well as Amazon and Home Goods


Cast iron cookware. USA made. Discounted pans and pots can be found at Amazon and Home Goods.


Pure ceramic cookware. USA made.


Whole house plug-in to protect from EMF pollution.